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This is Nick.

Or rather, this is his website.

Ergo the title.


About Nick

Hi. I'm Nick. I'm going to abandon the third person. I am a tutor, a writer, and an actor in New York City where I've lived for more than a decade.

My work is all over the web, but among other places it has been on, The Atlantic, and The Huffington Post. I was the blogger for Rock the Vote in 2008. I wrote a screenplay, "Motherland," this past year that made the semi-final round of the Nicholl Fellowship.

As an actor, you may have seen me playing Deputy Eli Brocius on Hulu's QuickDraw. You can see my reel below.



Other non-career things about me: I was born in Washington, DC and have lived in Berkeley, Oakland, Denver, Aspen, Los Angeles, Vienna, Manila, New Haven, and Chicago between then and now. 

I've meandered through a whole bunch of careers since college – tutor, political activist, OSHA monitor, photographer, caterer – but mostly I'm an actor and writer. I currently live in the West Village, in an apartment that looks like a French bordello (really).

If, you need to get in touch with me, you can do so here. Nice to meet you.


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